About Us

Andrew Siens, Owner & Founder of United Republic Construction

Andrew Siens is honored to be considered as one of the top general contractors Austin and is passionate about serving the Austin area as a contractor you can trust. Andrew excels in envisioning functionally beautiful, unique and innovative design concepts and bringing them to life for every client. With an intense focus on quality and customer service, Andrew holds all of his general contractors Austin on his team to an extremely high standard, always making sure that quality is never compromised and that an intense focus to detail is maintained no matter how large the project. With Andrew’s leadership every customer of United Republic Construction can feel confident that out of all the general contractors Austin they have found the one that they can trust to do their complete project!


United Republic Construction

After years of working in the construction industry, we are saddened to say that we often see contractors take advantage of their customers. This creates a poor reputation for all the general contractors Austin and is what encouraged Andrew to branch out and start his own company, United Republic Construction. Through this venture we have the opportunity to create a new reputation in the industry, where residents can trust and enjoy the process of building or remodeling their dream home. Just as the name states, United Republic Construction’s mission behind what we do is being able to unite the general contractors Austin to create a team of like-minded hardworking individuals that are passionate about what they do. By being intentional about the subcontractors we use and the employees we hire, we are able to provide a premium service where the jobsite runs efficiently and quality is never compromised! If you are a subcontractor looking for work or are interested in seeing if we are in need of your services, we would love for you to give us a call so that we can add you to our team of general contractors Austin! 

Family Owned & Operated with You In Mind

Andrew and his wife Terri love living in the Austin area. Having been able to grow both their family and business over the last nearly three decades has been a wonderful opportunity. We cherish being able to get to know the families and local businesses that cultivate the friendly and unique environment that surrounds this Texas community. Through working in the construction industry for so many years, United Republic Construction has been able to build relationships with a lot of general contractors Austin which gives us access to the best skilled labor around. By being intentional with the relationships we build, we are able to serve the people in the community in the way that we would want to be served. In everything that we do we are making sure that we are keeping our customer service first and foremost in our mind. Unfortunately, there are a lot of general contractors Austin that are only in it for the profits. Of course, we are a business and need to make money, but we always keep the home owner and their experience first and foremost in our mind, making sure that our customers are always completely satisfied with the quality of work and customer service in which we provide. We understand that it is a privilege to be able to work in the place that you call home and as a family owned business, we never take that privilege lightly! We go to great lengths to make sure that you can trust the general contractors Austin that are working on your home.

Why Should You Work Here?

We are always looking for general contractors Austin that we can add to our team!  If you are coachable, eager to learn, and are passionate about getting the small details done correctly then do not hesitate to reach out!  We believe that the team in which we build is the biggest determining factor to the quality we are able to provide our customers, which is why we are extremely picky about the individuals that we add to our team. Our main priority is that our customers feel confident and comfortable with the general contractors Austin that are working on their home. That is why at United Republic Construction, we hire for character over skilled seven days of the week. Why? Because skill is something that we can teach while character is something that you have to bring to the table. If you are a skilled craftsman or tradesman who is eager to take their skills to the next level, have consistent work, and a positive work environment then give us a call or fill out the form on our website today!

Design- Build- Management

United Republic Construction is a full-service company with a personal touch. We work with your architect or we can design and build your project in-house.  We have all the computer software; AutoCad, 3D Studio, and much more, to create stunning designs and 3D renderings of your project so you can see and approve a design before we get started on the permitting and building phase of the project.  A good design and proper documents help keep the project running smooth and ensures that we are constructing what you want and have approved.  Sure, there is always that change order that occurs as new ideas and concepts come to light. That is easily handled because every step of the way as decisions need to be made, United Republic Construction will guide you through important questions for that part of the project, so we ensure that the materials and design always meet your needs and expectations.